Carlisle's GeoMembranes
From fish hatcheries and shrimp farms to floating ponds and more. Carlisle's GeoMembranes are your choice for aquaculture projects.
Potable Water Reservoirs
Carlisle's liners and covers — protecting drinking water resources across the world.

Carlisle GeoMembranes For America And The World...

from the leading single-ply membrane manufacturer with more than 40 years of commercial and industrial application experience.

Membrane Features and Benefits:

  • Potable and industrial grade membranes
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent chemical and environmental stress-cracking resistance
  • Layflat characteristics
Treatment Plants
From municipal wastewater to industrial containment, you can trust the Carlisle name.
Water Storage
Water is precious. Our GeoMembranes and GeoCovers protect fire ponds, irrigation canals, agriculture and decorative ponds everywhere.

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